Fansportmarket is launching the pre-sale of its FSM token

Fansportmarket launches the presale of its FSM token, which from January 1, 2023, will become the only asset that can be traded on its platform.

An original and unique presale, as until January 1, 2023, the investor has the opportunity to invest and accumulate euros on the platform, which will be exchanged for FSM on that date.

On January 1, 2023, 60,000,000 units of FSM will be distributed proportionally to the total euros invested and accumulated on, making the value of FSM exactly its real value on the date of its launch, which converts in this presale model the most transparent, effective and attractive existing in the cryptocurrency market.

The is an investment platform in which, through a system similar to that of the stock market, the investor buys and sells virtual shares of teams or athletes from different competitions.

A tool that combines the strategy of a stock exchange and the passion for sports, in which the user invests in their favorite teams or athletes.

The INNOVATIVE and UNIQUE system allows the user to buy and sell virtual shares of teams or athletes, without the shocks of a conventional market, since there are no external factors to the competition that affect the values, only the sports results. is an investment platform


What is the system about?

The system is based on the Stock Market. That is, each user buys and sells virtual shares of teams or athletes of each competition, at the price set by the market at all times.

To invest, just buy and sell virtual shares of your teams or athletes, changing and combining as many moves as you want.

Your skill and strategy in buying and selling will allow you to reassess your actions and MULTIPLY YOUR INVESTMENT.


Final values for a 20 team league

The final value of the shares is established from the beginning of the competition, depending on the final position that each team or athlete has at the end of the competition, so that the investor, at all times, has the reference of the benefits that can be achieved.

The investor can sell his shares at any time at the price set by the market, or wait for the end of the championship and multiply his shares by the final value of the position in which their teams or athletes finish.

Thus, the shares of the team that finishes the championship in first place will have a value of 25, those of the second 15 and so on

You can buy and sell shares whenever you want at the price set by the market until the end of each championship.



The innovative and unique system, based on predetermined final value tables, allows the investor to move his money, interacting constantly, throughout the competition, buying and selling shares, changing and combining his strategies according to the development of events or markers, allowing him to generate consistent profits.

The investor, in a simple and direct way, invests in the world of sports, only through the opportunity offered by the platform.

  • Dynamic: It intervenes permanently on it.
  • Open: You can come and go as many times as you want.
  • ABILITY: Get the highest value of the action at the end of each championship.
  • Perfect traceability. You will instantly know your situation and, therefore, what you should do to win more.
  • Quantifiable: You know what you can win. The Final Valuesare set at the beginning of each championship.
  • It conjugates the Stock Market and Dsporto. You will have fun with it. Timeliness: There are moments to react and be able to improve your situation.

You are in control of your investment: There are no external factors that cause unwanted situations. Everything depends on the sporting results and your ability to strategize.

System adaptable to competitions of any sport or country.