Invest with your head
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These are the sports you can currently invest in:

✔ Free practice buying and selling in different markets
✔ Your account will be active for 15 days with 1,000€ of virtual balance

Agreement between the


The National Futsal League and Fansportmarket, an investment platform for the sports industry, have reached a collaboration agreement with the aim of enhancing the connection and commitment of fans with their teams, so that through participation in this platform, based on the stock exchange, they can invest in their teams, both in First and Second Division, through the purchase and sale of shares.

How do I invest?

You can invest from as little as 10 euros.

Buy and sell virtual shares of teams and / or athletes.

Your skill and strategy will make your investment grow.

You choose the sport and the amount to invest.

You always have the control

To buy and sell stocks

You can buy and sell virtual shares whenever you want, at the price set by the market, until the end of each championship.