1. WHY THE TOKEN WAS CREATED AND WHAT IT WILL BE USED FOR AND HOW IT WILL BE VALUED was born to be the most powerful investment platform in the world, since it combines investment with sports, also doing so in the most fashionable environment with the greatest potential and growth at the moment, such as the world of sports. cryptocurrencies.

A platform in which there is room for any individual and collective competition and in all sports.

A tool that combines the strategy of a stock market and the passion for sport, in which the user invests in their favorite teams or athletes.

The INNOVATIVE and UNIQUE system allows the user to buy and sell virtual shares of teams or athletes, without the frights of a conventional market, since there are no factors external to the competition that affect values, only sports results.

The dynamics of the system is based on the Stock Market. In other words, each user buys and sells virtual shares of the teams or athletes in each competition, at the price set by the market at all times.

The Final Value of the shares is established from the beginning of the competition, depending on the final position that each team or athlete has at the end of the competition, so that the investor, at all times, has the reference of the benefits that can be obtain.

The investor can sell his shares at any time at the price set by the market, or wait for the championship to end and multiply his shares by the final value of the position in which his teams or athletes finish.

Thus, the shares of the team that finishes the championship in first position will have a value of €25, those of the second €15 and so on…

Example for a 20 team Competition:




To invest in the platform, we have created the fansportmarket token (FSM).

With the aim of becoming the benchmark for investment in sports, we have created a totally innovative and completely fair and real token pre-sale model with its market launch price, since 60,000,000 units of the token will be distributed proportionally on 07/01/2024 between the sum of the balances of the investors of the platform at that time.

As of 07/01/2024, it will only be possible to invest in the platform with FSM, causing its value to rise proportionally to the growth in demand to invest in


The investor, from the moment he begins to invest in the platform, begins to accumulate euros in his balance, being able to increase said balance through the purchase and sale of virtual shares of the teams or athletes of the different competitions, until June 30, 2024.




  • 60,000,000 units of the FSM token are distributed proportionally between the sum of the balances of all the investors on the platform on 07/01/2024, passing and equating the shares of the investors to the FSM value at the same time.

From that moment on, FSM becomes the only asset that can be invested with on the platform.



  • 60,000,000 (sixty million) fansportmarket TOKENS (FSM), will be distributed on 07/01/2024 proportionally among the sum of the balances of all platform investors calculated at 23 hours and 59 minutes on 06/30/2024 .


  • 15,000,000 (fifteen million) fansportmarket TOKENS (FSM), will be available in “COVETODE S.L.” as a guarantee fund for platform investors starting on 07/01/2024.


  • 15,000,000 (fifteen million) TOKENS fansportmarket (FSM), Partners and development companies.
  • 10,000,000 (ten million) fansportmarket TOKENS (FSM), will be available for rewards, promotions, etc…


* Investing in crypto assets is not regulated, may not be suitable for retail investors and the entire amount invested may be lost